Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

The demand for Statisticians, Data Scientist, and other Data driven professions is growing rapidly all over the world due to the large volumes of data generated on daily basis and the need for data driven decisions. Owing to this demand, individuals with the requisite knowledge in data management and analytical skills are on high demand. The Department of Statistics is strategically positioned and endowed to equip individuals and institutions with the needed skills for good data management and analysis.

The Department of Statistics commenced as part of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science under the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the then University for Development Studies (UDS), Navrongo Campus, in 2002. In 2009, the Department of Statistics was formed when the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS) was carved out of the FAS of the then UDS. Following the conversion of the Navrongo Campus of UDS to an autonomous, and independent, University by the Government of Ghana in 2020, the Department of Statistics became that of the C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences.

The Department currently runs Diploma in Statistics, Diploma in Actuarial Science, BSc Biostatistics, BSc Statistics, BSc Actuarial Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics, Postgraduate Diploma in Data Management, MSc, MPhil, and PhD in Statistics, MSc, MPhil and PhD in Biometry, MSc., MPhil and PhD in Applied Statistics, as well as Certificate Courses in Data Management Science as well as certificate courses for professional proficiencies.

Our Vision

The Department aspires to become one of the leading statistical centres of excellence for research and training on the use of appropriate statistical techniques in Ghana, and the World.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to pass on statistical knowledge and skills as well as provide consultancy services through teaching, advising, and undertaking outreach programs, in order to meet the overall objectives of the University through excellence in research and statistical education.

The mission will be enacted by:

  • Providing a serene environment for disseminating statistical knowledge to undergraduate and postgraduate students through teaching.
  • Training students to undertake rigorous research using appropriate statistical techniques and formulating policies based on the research findings.
  • Establishing interdisciplinary research between Lecturers and students in statistics and their colleagues in other disciplines.
  • Promoting collaborative research between the Statistics Department and other organizations.
  • Training and equipping of staff of other organizations with relevant statistical skills; including the use of appropriate statistical techniques and software, to analyze data.

Prof. Suleman Nasiru is an Associate Professor of statistics and the current Head of the Department of Statistics. Before his appointment as the Head of Department in October 2020, he was the Examinations Officer of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.

Prof. Nasiru earned his joint doctoral degree in Mathematics (Statistics Option) in 2018 from the Pan African University, Institute of Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural and Technology (JKUAT), Kenya.

He obtained his Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science (Statistics Option) from the University for Development Studies (UDS) in 2013 and 2009 respectively.

Prof. Nasiru is a recipient of several awards including: African Union Scholarship (2016) to pursue doctoral degree at PAUSTI, research grant from JICA Kenya for commencement of doctoral research (2017), best graduating student of Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (2018) of PAUSTI, best graduating student of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UDS (2009) and overall best graduating student of UDS (2009).

He is a seasoned researcher with over fifty (50) publications in peer review journals and conference proceedings, to his credit. Prof. Nasiru has supervised and successfully graduated a number of postgraduate students from the Department.

In addition to his responsibilities, he also serves as an external examiner to other institutions and reviewer to many reputable statistical journals. As part of his extension services to other institutions in the country, he was a member of the team contracted by ESOKO Ghana Limited in 2020 to carry out spot check analysis on the Ghana National Household Registry (GNHR) data in Northern Region of Ghana.

Prof. Nasiru is a volunteer of Statistics without Borders (SWB) and a member of the Ghana Statistical Association (GSA). His current research areas include: Probability distribution functions, Advanced Time Series, Quality Control, Extreme Value Analysis and Machine Learning.




Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Diploma in Acturial Science

Undergraduate Programmes

  • BSc. Statistics
  • BSc. Actuarial Science

Postgraduate Programmes

  • MSc Statistics
  • MSc Applied Statistics (with Options in Medical Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Economic Statistics, Data Science)
  • MPhil Statistics (Two Years)
  • MPhil Statistics (One-Year Top-up)
  • MPhil Applied Statistics (Two Years: with Options in Medical Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Economic Statistics, Data Science)
  • MPhil Applied Statistics (One-Year Top-up: with Options in Medical Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Economic Statistics, Data Science)
  • PhD Statistics (Full-Time: Three Years, Part-Time: Five Years)
  • PhD Applied Statistics (Full-Time: Three Years, Part-Time: Five Years)
  • Extreme Value Analysis
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Ruin Theory
  • General and Life Insurance
  • Modeling Risk Insurance and Finance
  • Longitudinal and Survival Analysis
  • Sample Survey
  • Probability Distribution Theory
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Advanced Time Series


Head of Department

Dr. Richard Puurbalanta

Snr. Lecturer
Dr. Sampson Wiredu

Dr. Sampson Wiredu

Snr. Lecturer

Mr. Richard Anang Clottey

Snr. Lecturer

Dr. Anuwoje Ida L. Abonongo


Dr. Irene Dekomwine Angbing

Dr. Abdul-Ghaniyyu-Abubakari

Dr. Abdul Ghanniyyu Abubakari

Mr. John-Abonongo

Mr. John Abonongo


Ms. Angela Osei-Mainoo

Assistant Lecturer