Centre for Mathematical Sciences Research and Consultancy

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The Centre for Mathematical Sciences Research and Consultancy (CeMSReC) is a Centre par excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. The Centre is under the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), which is a home of young and energetic faculty members with a varied range of research interests, expertise and skills.

The Centre offers:

  • Services/guidance in all stages of research and training in specialized Statistical and Mathematical techniques and software through workshops and short courses that are run from time to time.
  • A platform for collaborative research among faculty members, other research groups and industry players within and outside the university.


Our Mission

To provide quality research, training and services using appropriate Mathematical and Statistical methodologies and tools with a blend of state-of-the-art technology in order to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana and beyond.

Our Vision

To be a Centre Par excellence within the African sub-region by providing skills training in the Mathematical Sciences and to use the same to provide services for development.

Our Core Values


The Centre is involved in developmental research, training and consultancy through the use of Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Statistics and their applications.

  • Research and Consultancy Services:
    • Design of experiments and surveys
    • Interpretation of statistical results
    • Specialized statistical programming
    • Planning and implementation of statistical analysis
    • Questionnaire design and administration
    • Data management
    • Statistical support for research and grant proposals
    • Guidance on the most appropriate statistical techniques and tools for Data Analysis
    • Reviewing Statistical method sections for manuscripts.
  • Training Services/Workshops and Short Courses:
    • Use of Statistical software including GenStat, R, SPSS, Minitab, etc.
    • Data Analysis with Python
    • Data management/analysis workshops
    • Specialized techniques for specific projects.
  • Contract Work:
    • Data management and statistical analysis for clients
    • Designing and analyzing experiments
    • Primary data collection
    • Analysis of data
    • Project monitoring and evaluation
    • Questionnaire design and validation.
  • Research and Consultancy Services
    • Mathematical programming services (MATLAB, Mathematica, etc.)
    • Typesetting/proofreading of mathematical manuscripts
    • Market/ finance/economic surveys
    • Mathematical modelling of industrial/business processes
    • Providing optimization services to clients (individuals and businesses).
  • Training Services
    • Use of Mathematical Software such as MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, etc.
    • Use of LATEX for scientific document preparation
    • In-service training for Mathematics Teachers to improve their knowledge in various topics in the curriculum for JHS and SHS
    • Preparing prospective individuals for various examinations that require competence in Mathematics (GRE, Aptitude tests, WASSCE, etc.).
Dr. Gideon Mensah Engmann

The Coordinator