Department of Industrial Mathematics

It is universally acknowledged that Mathematics is the bedrock of all scientific and Technological breakthrough and advancement. This is because it institutes a most potent and unavoidable tool for the proper resolution of problems and theories associated with diverse
disciplines in Science and Technology. Given the importance and the role that Mathematics plays in the development of Science and Technology, the Philosophy of Industrial Mathematics therefore is to produce graduates with deep knowledge of the subject matter who would be relevant in industries and who would be able to use the knowledge acquired for the advancement
of Science and Technology. The Department is also designed to produce graduates that are self-reliant and job creators rather than job seekers.

The objectives of the Department among others are to:

  • develop and give academic and professional training in all areas of Industrial Mathematics for the development of the latent power of thinking in individuals.
  • Provide and promote sound basic practical and theoretical training in Industrial Mathematics as a foundation for Technological development in Ghana.
  • Identify the basic Scientific and Technological problems in the areas of Industrial Mathematics and find appropriate solutions to them.
  • Train students to be able to adequately apply Information Technology to solve real-life problems in the areas of Industry, Agriculture, Commerce, Medicine, and other
    disciplines that require knowledge of Industrial Mathematics.
  • give Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) for the purpose of self-employment
    and job placements in industries for self-actualization.
  • Develop and offer academic and professional training in industrial Mathematics as a foundation for Post Graduate Studies.
  • To offer service courses in Mathematics to other Departments in the University.

Our Vision

To be a leading world-class department by spearheading the industrial revolution in the African continent through the exploration of hidden knowledge in the mother-earth thereby restoring the dignity of industrial and applied mathematics to the black race.

These can be achieved through the following:

Raising a generation of solution providers through a qualitative and life-applicable training system that focuses on value, creative and industrial knowledge.
Raising a new generation of leaders through a broad-based qualitative and industrial education built on sound technical and applied principles culminating in the birth of breadwinners, job creators and world changers,
Raising an army of reformers who shall redeem the battered image of the technical-black race and restore her lost glory as these well-equipped graduates begin to build the old, waste, repair the wasted cities and raise the desolation of many industrial generations as pathfinders.

Our Mission

The Industrial Mathematics’ Department philosophy includes:

  • A departure from form to skill.
  • A departure from knowledge to empowerment.
  • A departure from figures to future–building.
  • A departure from legalism to realism.
  • A departure from points to facts.
  • A departure from mathematics to ‘lifematics’




Undergraduate Programmes

  • BSc Mathematics with Economics
  • BSc Mathematics with Finance

Prof. Nathaniel K. Oladejo

Head of Department
Mr. Luu Yin

Dr. Luu Yin

Snr. Lecturer
Mr. Gregory Abe-I-Kpeng

Dr. Gregory Abe-I-Kpeng


Dr. Solomon Anafo


Ms. Freda Bonye


Mr. Francis Agana