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The demand for Statisticians, Data Scientist, and other Data driven professions is growing rapidly all over the world due to the large volumes of data generated on daily basis and the need for data driven decisions. Owing to this demand, individuals with the requisite knowledge in data management and analytical skills are on high demand. The Department of Statistics is strategically positioned and endowed to equip individuals and institutions with the needed skills for good data management and analysis.

The Department of Statistics commenced as part of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science under the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the then University for Development Studies (UDS), Navrongo Campus, in 2002. In 2009, the Department of Statistics was formed when the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS) was carved out of the FAS of the then UDS. Following the conversion of the Navrongo Campus of UDS to an autonomous, and independent, University by the Government of Ghana in 2020, the Department of Statistics became that of the C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences.

The Department currently runs Diploma in Statistics, Diploma in Actuarial Science, BSc Biostatistics, BSc Statistics, BSc Actuarial Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics, Postgraduate Diploma in Data Management, MSc, MPhil, and PhD in Statistics, MSc, MPhil and PhD in Biometry, MSc., MPhil and PhD in Applied Statistics, as well as Certificate Courses in Data Management Science as well as certificate courses for professional proficiencies.


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our vision

The Department of Statistics aspires to become one of the leading statistical centers of excellence for research and training on the use of appropriate statistical techniques in Ghana, and the World.

our mission

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to pass on statistical knowledge and skills as well as provide consultancy services through teaching, advising, and undertaking outreach programs, in order to meet the overall objectives of the University through excellence in research and statistical education. We are determined to meet the needs of national research bodies, government, business and industries through strong collaboration. The mission will be enacted by:

  • Providing serene environment for disseminating statistical knowledge to undergraduate and postgraduate students through teaching.
  • Training students to undertake rigorous research using appropriate statistical techniques and formulating policies based on the research findings.
  • Establishing interdisciplinary research between Lecturers and students in statistics and their colleagues in other disciplines.
  • Promoting collaborative research between the Statistics Department and other organizations.
  • Training and equipping of staff of other organizations with relevant statistical skills; including the use of appropriate statistical techniques and software, to analyze data.